SM-01 :
      SM - 01 (the speedometer of NSD Power Ball)
  The functions are:
  a> the count of revolutions (hundred unit)
  b> the current RPM
  c> the historical highest RPM/ the current highest RPM
  d> the physical index, 30 sec., 60 sec., 90 sec.

      The above-mentioned functions works individually. The speedometer can make users
  understand the use state of PB and provide real figures for reference. It combines the
  effects of rehabilitation, entertainment, and contest. By attaching SM-01, PB-188,  
  PB-188L,PB-188S,PB-188A and PB-388 can be upgraded to PB-188C,PB-188LC,PB-188SC,PB-188AC and PB-388C.

    About the instructions for further, Please refer to the manual of product.