PB-188P :
     It's a new and surprising product with multi-functions. The inside generates electricity
 naturally and affords the track of the rotor to show dynamic running subtitle. The highest
 RPM is also shown.
 Instructions :
      According to the direction of the arrows on the rotor and the method of starting up
  PB-188, accelerate the ball until one ring of light shines (over 6,000 RPM). Then relax
  the hand skillfully and wait for the words or number to appear when the LED rotates to
  the bottom of the ball. 
To start


                       Generally speaking, the content of words is fixed, and the words
                                     will appear only twice between 6,000 and 8,000 RPM. At the rest of the time (over 6,000 RPM),
                                     the LED will show the highest record of RPM. 
                                     Every time when the new highest RPM record surpasses the original one, the LED will
                                     twinkle and show the new RPM number. However, when the speed is less than 2,500RPM,
                                     the highest RPM record will be cleared off. 

  Besides the above, it has one more function: showing the number of 
  revolutions within 30 seconds. Please take the product manual as reference.