PB-188BT(Bluetooth) : (Phased Out)
    The new invention of 2012,Nano-Second Technology Company-Bluetooth Powerball is upcoming.

Bluetooth Powerball is a design to conjoin exciting games and gyroscope exercising.

Players can enhance fun and stimulating through the games like Racing, Tug of War, and RPM meter.

All you got to do is preparing a smart phone or a tablet pc with android system, touching the on/off

button on the Bluetooth, trying to connect the Bluetooth to smart phone or tablet pc, and enjoying the games.


The games introduction:


Players have a competition to tell who the toughest driver is. all Players need to do is speed up your

powerball as the fuel of racing car to transcend the opponent. The faster driver is winner 


Tug of War

Tug of War is a championship contest between two parts. The players need to spin your gyroscope

speedily and continually to pull the red bow to your side. When the red bow touch the white line one

your side, the winner is you people. It's a game need huge power and energy.




RPM meter is designed like the dashboard of racing car. The player can get exciting

when the indicator get accelerated and pointed to the high speed.


Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling is pretty hot blood game for players.

Players will play in a role as big muscle guys to arm wresting with each other.

The revolutions higher the power is more. Try to conquer the losers. Be the king of the wrestling world.


Electric Shock

Electric Shock is an aircraft game.

The players are playing a role as captains who drive the airplane to go through the mysteries canyon.

Players spin the rotor to control the revolutions from high to low, from low to high to avoid crashing out the mountain.

It’s a pretty cool game for leaner who try to learn high level control skills.